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News from UNCTAD

* Global Investment Trends in 2014 and Prospects for 2015

Global foreign direct investment (FDI) inflows declined by 8% in 2014. A solid FDI rise remains distant, reports the latest UNCTAD Global Investment Trends.

 Download: Global Investment Trends Monitor No. 18.


* UNCTAD and WTO launch partnership on Integrated Trade Database

UNCTAD and the WTO agreed to cooperate in assisting the WTO members in implementing notification requirements for the WTO Integrated Data Base (IDB).

UNCTAD Automated System for Customs Data (ASYCUDA).

An integrated customs management system for international trade and transport operations in a modern automated environment.


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News from UNCTAD

* The ICTPR Framework
UNCTAD has developed a model framework and methodology for conducting information and communications technologies (ICTs) policy reviews: The ICTPR Framework.
dICT policy review framework0
Find the publication here.
* Bilateral FDI Statistics
The UNCTAD’s Bilateral FDI Statistics provides up-to-date and systematic FDI data for 206 economies around the world, covering inflows (table 1), outflows (table 2), inward stock (table 3) and outward stock (table 4) by region and economy.
Read more about following the link.
Bilateral FDI Statistics
* Review of Investor-State Dispute Settlement Cases
UNCTAD publishes its annual review of investor-State dispute settlement cases (ISDS).
You can download it from here.diaeia_IssuesNote
* 2013 Trade Statistics
According to UNCTAD and WTO estimates, world merchandise exports grew by 2%, while services trade recorded 5% increase in 2013.
For more details, check here.
Access to data:



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More Trade News in Brief Week 7 (10 – 16 February 2014)

* First EU Anti-Corruption Report
The European Commission published the first ever EU Anti-Corruption Report. The EU Anti-Corruption Report covers all 28 EU Member States.
Please find more here and here.
* Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Market
According to the latest data released by UNCTAD, the ICT goods such as mobile phones, smartphones, laptops, tablets, integrated circuits and other components at 11 per cent of world merchandise trade and among the top products traded globally – exceeding trade in agricultural products (9.2 per cent) and motor vehicles (7.2 per cent).
Please follow the link for more.
* 2014 World Press Freedom Index
Reports Without Borders published the 2014 World Press Freedom Index, the Index spotlights the negative impact of conflicts on freedom of information and its protagonists.
Please find more about Reports Without Borders and World Press Freedom Index.

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More Trade News in Brief Week 44 (28 October – 3 November 2013)

* EU Extend Sanctions to Belarus
The European Union has extended its sanctions against Belarus by another 12 months.
Check here for more.


* Global Investment Trends Monitor
UNCTAD published the Global Investment Trends Monitor.
Check for findings and details here.

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More Trade News in Brief Week 26 (24 – 30 June 2013)

* Croatia – Welcomed to EU
On Monday 1 July Croatia will become the 28th Member State of the European Union.
For more information:
– Institutional and administrative aspects of Croatia’s EU accession MEMO/13/593
– Croatia’s EU accession – Q&A MEMO/13/629
* 2012 Annual Review of GSP System
US announced today the outcome of the 2012 Annual Review under the Generalized System of Preferences (GSP) program.
Check here.
* World Investment Report 2013
UNCTAD published its 2013 World Investment Report with the latest trends in foreign direct investment (FDI).
Download  World Investment Report 2013
Read more here.
* Norway the First to Sign the Hong Kong Ship Recycling Treaty
The Kingdom of Norway became the first contracting State to the Hong Kong International Convention for the Safe and Environmentally Sound Recycling of Ships (2009).
Please follow the link.

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More Trade News in Brief – Week 28 (2 July – 8 July 2012)

* World Investment Report 2012
The UN Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) launched “World Investment Report 2012: Towards a New Generation of Investment Policies”.
The Report contains a detailed analysis of world investment trends (global and regional) and give a special attention to  national policy developments and on the new generation of investment policies. Also, The Report provides detailed guidelines for investment policymaking.
The Report and accompanying detailed statistics can be downloaded from here.
* Online Platform on the New York Convention Guide
The United Nations Commission on International Trade Law (UNCITRAL) launched of an online platform to support  the forthcoming Guide on the Convention on the Recognition and Enforcement of Foreign Arbitral Awards, 1958 (New York) known as the New York Convention.
For more information click here.
* UNCITRAL Adopted Recommendations to Assist Arbitral Institutions
The United Nations Commission on International Trade Law (UNCITRAL) release the UNCITRAL Recommendations to assist arbitral institutions and other interested bodies under the UNCITRAL Arbitration Rules 2010.
Please check for more details here.

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UNCTAD & WTO Launched the Handbook on Trade Policy Analysis

4 July 2012
WTO and UNCTAD’s Virtual Institute co-published the A Practical Guide to Trade Policy Analysis.
The publication is a addressed to policymakers, trade economists and development practitioners dealing with international trade and explain the tools and methods commonly used in the analysis of international trade and trade policy.
A Practical Guide to Trade Policy Analysis - Trade News in Brief

A Practical Guide to Trade Policy Analysis

The guide is available on the next link.

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Investment Policy Framework for Sustainable Development (IPFSD)

12 June 2012

The United Nation Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) launches Investment Policy Framework for Sustainable Development (IPFSD), a guideline for national and international investment policymaking to supports more sustainable development-friendly investment policymaking.

Please check the UNCTAD’s webpage.

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