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G8 Summit 2013

The G8 Summit 2013 will take place from 17 to 18 June 2013 in Lough Erne, Northern Ireland (UK).
The main topics on the agenda are:
  • Advancing global trade as an engine for global growth and job creation and facilitating trade in Africa
  • Ensuring tax compliance, by pushing, amongst others, for a global standard for the automatic exchange of information in the field of taxation and improving the reporting of multinationals to tax authorities
  • Promoting greater transparency regarding the revenues from extractive industries and forestry, land governance and government data
Kindly check more on the UK’s Government webpage, which assumed the Presidency of the G8 for 2013.

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OECD Model Tax Convention Updated

17 July 2012
The OECD updated Article 26 of the OECD Model Tax Convention regarding information exchange. The amendment permit the tax authorities to ask for information which is “foreseeably relevant” for regardless of bank secrecy and a domestic tax interest.
More here.

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