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EU & Shipping Industry

* European Commission Proposed a New Framework for Marine Equipment
 The European Commission adopted a proposal for a new directive on marine equipment (the “MED”).
The Commission has proposed a revision of the Directive on marine equipment to ensure an harmonised application of the International Maritime Organisation (IMO) standards.
The proposal has two general objectives:
– to enhance the implementation and enforcement mechanisms of the MED, and
– to simplify the regulatory environment.
For more information, check here and here.
* New Rules on Cleaner Fuels for Shipping
On 17 December 2012 entered in force the new EU environmental rules on marine fuels.
Check for more here.

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New Portal on Trans-European Network (TEN-T)

28 November 2012, Brussels
The European Commission launched a new portal on Trans-European Network (TEN-T or TEN in the EU jargon).
The new portal includes satellite-based dynamic maps, facts, figures and various audio-visual and interactive elements.
Kindly check here.

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