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Global Wage Report 2012-13

The new report entitled “Global Wage Report 2012/13: Wages and Equitable Growth”  from International Labor  Organization (ILO) includes global and regional wage trends and statistics, as well as policy recommendations.
Enjoy optimal reading experience of the Global Wage Report with any of these formats:
  1. Full report (printable PDF)
  2. Summary (PDF)
  3. EPUB (2.5 MB, for all eReaders)
  4. Enhanced EPUB (with embedded videos, 77 MB, for eReaders supporting EPUB3)


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ILO Publishes the 2012 Edition of the “World of Work Report”

The “World of Work Report 2012: Better Jobs for a Better Economy” will be launched on Monday 30 April 2012.
The International Labour Organization (ILO) annual report on the state of labor markets worldwide examines the performance of different countries since the start of the global crisis through the prism of the quantity and quality of jobs.

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