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More Trade News in Brief Week 20 (12 – 18 May 2014)

* China – Extra Free Trade Zones (FTZ)
China will set up a number of new free trade zones to boost foreign trade growth and increase the use of the renminbi.
See more here.
* The World’s Biggest Public Companies
The Forbes magazine released the 2014 Global 2000. For the first time, China is home to the world’s three biggest companies; it also lands five of the top 10 spots.
Check here The 2014 Global 2000.
* 2014 ICT Figures
International Telecommunication Union (ITU) released 2014 ICT figures, please check for some of the most important findings:
* fixed-telephone subscriptions continue to decline
* mobile-cellular subscriptions to hit nearly 7 billion
* growth in fixed-broadband penetration slowing in developing countries
* mobile-broadband subscriptions will reach 2.3 billion globally
* home internet access approaches saturation levels in developed countries
* three billion people will use the Internet by end of 2014
The latest ITU statistics are available here.
* ICAO 2013 Annual Safety Report
The International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) released its annual Safety Report for 2013, reflecting very positive global aviation safety outcomes.
Read more here and download The ICAO 2014 Safety Report.

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