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More Trade News in Brief Week 3 (13 – 19 January 2014)

* Oxfam’s New Global Food Table
Oxfam published an index which compares the way the food is produced and distributed around the world.
European countries occupy the entire top 20 bar one – Australia ties in 8th place – while the US, Japan, New Zealand, Brazil and Canada all fall outside. African countries occupy the bottom 30 places in the table except for four – Laos, Bangladesh, Pakistan and India are there too.
See more at Good Enough to Eat, Oxfam Media Briefing.
* South Korea & India Agree To Upgrade FTA, Revise DTA
South Korea and India agreed to upgrade their comprehensive economic partnership agreement (CEPA) and put into effect the revised double taxation agreement (DTA) between the two countries as soon as possible.
Check here for more.

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More Trade News in Brief – Week 8 (18 – 24 February 2013)

* Japan & South Africa Sign Investment MOU
Japan and South Africa formally signed a bilateral free trade agreement (FTA).
Follow the link.
* Vietnam & San Marino Sign DTA
Vietnam and San Marino signed a double taxation agreement (DTA).
Check here.
 * WIPO – Global Brand Database
After adding six national collections of trademark records, including the entire United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) collection, The United Nations World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) now has world’s largest collection of trademark records.
The Global Brand Database now is the world’s largest free, public trademark search facility. 
Check the Press Release.

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More Trade News in Brief – Week 50 (10 – 16 December 2012)

* Austria & Chile Signed DTA
A bilateral double taxation agreement (DTA) has been signed between Austria and Chile.
Kindly read more here.
* Nordic Nations Extended Their Network of TIEAs
The Nordic group of territories (Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland, Iceland, Greenland, and the Faroe Islands) has extended their network of TIEAs to 40 after signed a new tax cooperation agreement with Jamaica.
More details following the link.
* EU approved New FTAs
11 December 2012
The EU’s Parliament approved two landmark pacts trade with Colombia, Peru and six countries in Central America (Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua and Panama).
Please check here for further details.
* EU-Russia Relations
13 December 2012
“EU-Russia relations are still suffering from Russia’s failure to embrace democratic values fully and strengthen the rule of law” state the Members of the European Parliament (MEPs).
Kindly read more here.
* UN Extends Sanctions on Liberia
12 December 2012
The UN Security Council  extended the sanctions imposed on Liberia for another year.
Follow the link for more information.

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More Trade News in Brief – Week 42 (8 – 14 October 2012)

* DTA Signed Between Russia and Luxembourg
The Russian Federation and Luxembourg signed the bilateral double taxation agreement (DTA).
More here.
* Liechtenstein and Japan Plan DTA Talks
After concluding the bilateral tax information exchange agreement (TIEA), Liechtenstein and Japan plan for a double taxation agreement (DTA).
Check more here.
* Germany- Singapore Updated DTA
Germany and Singapore plan to update and to revise the existing double taxation agreement (DTA).
Check here.


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More Trade News in Brief – Week 38 (10 – 16 September 2012)

* Liechtenstein & Germany – Tax Data Exchange
Liechtenstein and Germany are currently considering the idea of concluding a withholding tax agreement with an automatic exchange of tax information.
For more information please follow the link.
* New Rules in the EU Standardisation System
The European Union (EU) prepare a new regulation modernising the EU Standardisation system and will also be better plugged into the international standardisation system.
The new rules enter into force on 1 January 2013 and will apply directly in all member states.
Kindly check here.
* Equasis 2011 Annual Report published
“The world merchant fleet in 2011” has been published and is available for download.
Equasis is database containing safety-related information on the world’s merchant fleet from both public and private sources.
* New ISO standard for eco-efficiency assessment
13 September 2012
The International Organization for Standardization  (ISO) published a new standard describing the principles, requirements and guidelines for eco-efficiency assessment for product systems.
ISO 14045:2012, Environmental management – Eco-efficiency assessment of product systems – Principles, requirements and guidelines is available through the ISO Store.
* Singapore & Vietnam Sign DTA Protocol
12 September 2012
Singapore and Vietnam signed a protocol to amend the existing double taxation agreement (DTA) between the two countries.
For more, please check here.

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More Trade News in Brief – Week 37 (3 – 9 September 2012)

* The Canada-ASEAN Business Council (CABC)
The Canada-ASEAN Business Council (CABC) has been created to promote and increase trade and investment for both sides.
The initiative is a part of the 2012-2015 ASEAN-Canada Workplan.
More here.
* Singapore DTAs with Italy & Bahrain
The bilateral double taxation agreement (DTA) between Singapore and Italy (signed on May 24, 2011) entered into force on August 30, 2012, while the DTA between Singapore and Bahrain (signed on October 14, 2009) will enter into force on September 29, 2012.
* Serious Delays in Establishing a Pan-European Road Toll Payment System
An European Commission’s report warns that the foreseen target date of 8 October 2012 for EETS availability to heavy duty vehicles will not be met.
The European Electronic Toll Service (EETS) ensures interoperability of road toll systems throughout the European Union (EU) with one subscription contract with one service provider and one on-board unit.
More here and here.

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More Trade News in Brief – Week 30 (16–22 July 2012)

* South Korea/Switzerland TIE Protocol
The revised Double Taxation Agreement (DTA) between South Korea and Switzerland, including provisions on the exchange of tax information (TIE), is to go into effect on July 25, 2012.
* ICC Published a Guide to New Rules of Arbitration
The International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) has release “The Secretariat’s Guide to ICC Arbitration” offering a detailed article-by-article commentary on the 2012 Rules and more.
Please refer to the next link
ICC Arbitration Guide - Trade News in Brief
* Tunisia and OECD Strengthen Relations
Tunisia signs multilateral agreement on fiscal co-operation and strengthens its links with the OECD.
More here.

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More Trade News in Brief – Week 25 (11–17 June 2012)

* South Africa-Seychelles DTA Protocol Comes Into Effect
The double taxation agreement (DTA) between South Africa and the Seychelles has been ratified and went into effect on May 15, 2012.
More here.
* US To Establish Normal Trade With Russia
13 June 2012, Washington
United States establish permanent normal trade relations (PNTR) with Russia and repeal the 1974 Jackson-Vanik amendment.
For further details, please check here.
* IFRS’s 2011 Annual Report Published
12 June 2012
The International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) Foundation published the complete 2011 Annual Report.
The Annual Report, divided in three sections Trustees of the IFRS Foundation, Standard-setting activities, and Financials is available here.

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