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News from ICC

* Uniform Rules for Bank Payment Obligation
The International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) launched the Uniform Rules for Bank Payment Obligation (URBPO), a standard in supply chain finance.
Please check here for more.
* Global Risks – Trade Finance 2013
The International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) issued the Global Risks – Trade Finance 2013. The report provides reviews on the risks in trade finance from the global trade finance industry’s perspective.
Check the press release.
Download a copy of Global Risks – Trade Finance 2013.

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News from BRICS

* BRICS Business Council
6 March 2013, Pretoria
The BRICS Members announced the launch of the BRICS Business Council for trade and industry promotion.
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* BRICS Customs Cooperation
11 March 2013, Pretoria
The BRICS Customs Agencies search for speeding up customs procedures and agreed to unify the software, organize preliminary informing and stimulate electronic customs clearance of cargoes.
Please follow the link.

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Trade in Value-Added Initiative

16 January 2013
OECD and WTO developed a database of trade in value added indicators to analyze the value added by a country in the production of any good or service that is then exported.
Please read more about this jointed initiative here and here.

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WTO Launched New “International Trade and Market Access”

19 November 2012
The WTO’s interactive tool offers data on merchandise and commercial services trade as well as selected market access indicators from World Tariff Profiles (a WTO, ITC and UNCTAD co-publication).
The tool is accessed through the WTO’s website ( and consists of four parts:
The Trade Dashboard
– The Trends Dashboard
– The Tariffs Dashboard
Made in the World
The data is presented in the form of interactive maps, charts and data tables and the information can be export underlying the graphics.

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“Green Economy Roadmap” from ICC

15 June 2012, Rio de Janeiro
The International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) released its “Green Economy Roadmap”, a guide for business, policymakers and society.
The Roadmap contains 10 conditions needed to drive growth in a resource-constrained world divided in 4 groups:
–   Economic innovation
          – Open and competitive markets
          – Metrics, accounting, and reporting
          – Finance and investment
–   Environment innovation
          – Resource efficiency and decoupling
          – Life cycle approach
–   Social innovation
          – Awareness
          – Education and skills
          – Employment
–   Mutually reinforcing and cross-cutting elements
          – Integrated environmental, social and economic policy and decision-making
          – Governance and partnerships
The Guide is available here.

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