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New ICC Court’s Secretariat in New York

The International Court of Arbitration of the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) has announced a new office of the ICC Court’s Secretariat in will be open in New York. This it will be the third Secretariat office of the International Court of Arbitration, after Paris and Hong Kong. The ICC’s Court had stabilised representative office in Singapore, Panamá and Tunis.
Arbitration is one of the organization’s three main activities along with rules-setting and policy for international trade and investment.

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The New ICC Rules of Arbitration

The new ICC Rules of Arbitration were unveiled in September 2011, but entry into force on January 1st, 2012. The ICC is one of the world’s major institutions for the resolution of international commercial disputes and its rules of arbitration (the “ICC Rules”) are one of the most widely used and respected by the international business community. The former ICC Rules were updated in 1998 and the new ones include a number of mechanisms designed to make the process faster and more efficient and to bring the ICC Rules into line with modern modes of communication.
The main changes are in the following clauses:
– Multi-parties and multi-contracts arbitration
– The effect of the arbitration agreement
– The arbitral tribunal
– Conduct of the arbitration, modes of communication and case management
– Constitution of the arbitral tribunal
– Emergency arbitrators
For more information please visit the ICC’s web page.

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