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G8 Becomes the G7 as Leaders Kick Russia Out

The leaders of the remaining countries – Britain, the US, Germany, France, Italy, Canada and Japan, who are calling themselves the G7 – agreed to meet in Brussels this year and decided to give Russia the boot.
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Ukraine Crisis

* Rusia Annexes Crimea
Russia officially annexes Crimea away from Ukraine.
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* EU & US Sanctions After Ukraine Crisis
The US and the European Union have retaliated over the Crimea referendum by targeting sanctions against Russians and Ukrainians’ officials.
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* EU Strength Ties with Ukraine
The European Union and Ukraine signed the core elements of a political association agreement.
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* NATO Exercises in Ukraine
Ukraine will hold joint military exercises with U.S. and Britain. In addition to US and UK troops, Rapid Trident 2014 will include units from Armenia, Azerbaijan, Bulgaria, Canada, Georgia, Germany, Moldova, Poland, Romania and Ukraine.

Rapid Trident military exercises have been held annually on the territory of Ukraine for a number of years. Ukraine has a partner relationship with NATO but is not officially a member.

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News from EU

* Emissions Trading Scheme for Aviation
The Presidency of the Council and representatives of the European Parliament have agreed on a draft regulation amending the EU Emissions trading scheme (ETS) directive (2003/87/EC).
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* European Maritime Safety Agency
The Council and European Parliament reached a compromise on funding the European Maritime Safety Agency (EMSA) in response to marine pollution caused by ships and oil and gas installations.
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