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More Trade News in Brief Week 39 (23 – 29 September 2013)

* Colombia’s Accession to OECD
The 34 OECD Members approved a Roadmap to accession for Colombia establishing the process and setting out the terms for Colombia’s future membership.
Please follow the link for more.
* WTO Agrees Membership Terms for Yemen
The final step before Yemen becomes a member of the WTO would be the ratification of the accession package by the Yemeni Parliament.
Please check here for more.
* US and Mongolia Signed an Agreement on Transparency
United States and Mongolia signed an Agreement on Transparency in Matters Related to International Trade and Investment between both countries.
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News from the BRICS

* The BRICS “Independent Internet” Cable
 The BRICS’s world internet system is being built and it’s, actually, in its final phase of implementation.
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* BRICS Plans $100bn Reserves Fund
Leaders of the BRICS Group have decided to set up a $100bn fund to guard against financial shocks.
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More Trade News in Brief Week 37 (9 – 15 September 2013)

* Chile and Thailand – FTA
Chile and Thailand have closed a free trade agreement which they will sign on October 4.
Check for more here.
* EU Concerns about Russian Pressure on Eastern Partnership Countries
The European Parliament has adopted a resolution that deplores different types of pressure being exercised by Russia on the EU’s Eastern neighbours.
See more following the link.
* Guernsey Signed TIEAs with Switzerland and with Hungary
Guernsey signed Tax Information Exchange Agreements (TIEAs) with Switzerland and with Hungary.
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More Trade News in Brief Week 36 (2 – 8 September 2013)

* Indonesia and Pakistan Signed FTA
The governments of Indonesia and Pakistan finally signed a FTA after 10 years of negotiation.
Check here for details.
* South Korea and Vietnam to Accelerate Trade Negotions
South Korea and Vietnam agreed to conclude a bilateral free trade agreement next year.
Please find more here.
* Bahrain – Closer to ATA Carnet System
Bahrain prepares to implement ATA Carnet System.
For more information visit the ATA Carnet System.

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Armenia Choose Customs Union

Armenia will join to the Customs Union led by Russia and block its chances of signing an agreement with the European Union.
 The EU respects the decision on joining the Customs but ‘two systems are incompatible” . Russia considers it a diplomatic victory.
Please follow the link for more.

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