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More Trade News in Brief Week 30 (22 – 28 July 2013)

* Expanded Integrated Trade Intelligence Portal (I-TIP)
The WTO launched an expanded version of its Integrated Trade Intelligence Portal (I-TIP), for the first time it includes information on services.
This new database is available here.
Check here for more.
* EU & Armenia: Deep and Comprehensive Free Trade Area
EU and Armenia signed a Deep and Comprehensive Free Trade Area (DCFTA).
Kindly follow the link.
* ICC Issues Taxation Handbook
ICC Commission on Taxation released a handbook with the latest developments in the world of international taxation.
Read more here.
* Successful Galileo Position Fix
The European satellite navigation system will bring first services by the end of 2014. Galileo, Europe’s GPS, opens up business opportunities and makes life easier for citizens.
A successful position fix has been announced, check here and here.

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News from the European Union

* EU & Georgia Sign DCFTA
The European Union and Georgia concluded negotiations for a Deep and Comprehensive Free Trade Area (DCFTA).
Check here and here for more.
* EU Re-opens Its Market to Myanmar/Burma
The trade preferences for Myanmar/Burma will be applied retroactively as of 13 June 2012.
Check here for details.
* European Social Statistics
Eurostat, the statistical office of the European Union, published the 1st edition of the European Social Statistics.
You can find it here.

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More Trade News in Brief Week 28 (8 – 14 July 2013)

* Taiwan & New Zealand Sign FTA
Taiwan signed its first FTA with a developed economy, New Zealand.
Check here for more.
* Connecting Europe Facility
* EU – Single Resolution Mechanism (SRM)
The European Commission proposed a Single Resolution Mechanism (SRM) for the Banking Union, which would complement the Single Supervisory Mechanism (SSM).
Please follow the link for more.

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More Trade News in Brief Week 27 (1 – 7 July 2013)

* Single Market Scoreboard Website Launched
EU launched Single Market Scoreboard, a reporting system on 13 governance tools including:
– monitoring the correct transposition of EU directives
– analysis of infringement proceedings
– administrative cooperation networks and various information and problem-solving services
Check here for more.
* The Global Climate 2001-2010, A Decade of Extremes
The UN report says the first decade of the 21st century was the warmest for both hemispheres and for both land and ocean temperatures since measurements began in 1850.
Check the report.

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