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A Global System for Aviation Carbon Emissions

After China, India, the United States and Russia oppose the EU’s Emissions Trading System directives, EU might alter its ETS if an agreement is reached.
A global system for aviation carbon emissions have been introduced in discussion by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), a U.N. body, and it is supported by the International Air Transport Association (IATA), an industry group, which opposes the European charges.
More here.

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Australia & Malaysia Signed a FTA

23 May 2012, Canberra
Australia and Malaysia have signed a free trade agreement (FTA) tagged MAFTA. The deal will guarantee tariff-free entry for 97.60 percent of goods imports by Malaysia from Australia once it enters into force and will rise to 99% by 2017.
More about Australian FTAs on the on Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, Australian Government.

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“Full Trade Liberalization” Between EU and US at the Horizon

22 May 2012, London
EU and US will star the negation on a broad trade agreement soon, the US Trade Ambassador Ron Kirk said. The accord is expected to be completed by the middle of 2014, assure the EU Trade Commissioner Karel De Gucht.
The two side have the world’s largest bilateral economic relationship, but they are unable to reach agreement in areas such as agriculture, health and safety standards and regulations.

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OECD Launches Skills Strategy in Education

21 May 2012
OECD publishes the book “Better Skills, Better Jobs, Better Lives – A Strategic Approach to Skills Policies” about the complexity of skills policies.
The global Skills Strategy will help countries to identify the characteristics their educational and training systems, and develop better policies with regard of skills abilities.  
According to the OECD Skills Strategy investment in education, skills and training now is the only way for strong and sustainable grow in the future.
“Skills have become the global currency of the 21st century.” – Mr. Angel Gurría, Secretary-General of the OECD
 For further information check here. A free preview is available here.
Better Skills, Better Jobs, Better Lives | OECD Free preview | Powered by Keepeek Digital Asset Management Solution

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EU’s Agreement on New Rules for Credit Rating Agencies (CRAs)

21 May 2012, Brussels
The EU’s ministers agreed to strength the regulation of credit rating agencies (CRAs) for the well-functioning markets and financial stability.
The rules will intent to improve credit ratings and to reduce dependency on credit ratings for investors and in financial regulation. The proposed rules attempting to improve tranparency and the credibility around credit ratings.
More here.

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ISO’s 2011 Annual Report

22 May 2012
The International Organization of Standardization (ISO), the world’s largest issuer and developer of International Standards, released its annual report for 2011.
The ISO’s 2011 Annual Report is available here.

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UNASUR Announced the South American Development Bank

18 May 2012, Buenos Aires
The Union of South American Nations (UNASUR) announced that the South American Development Bank (o Banco del Sur) should be operational during the second half of 2012.
The new bank is intended to complement existing regional development banks like the Andean Development Corporation (CAF) and the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB).

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UN Agencies, EU and IMO Sign Strategic Counter-piracy Partnerships

17 May 2012, London
A number of United Nations (UN) Agencies, the European Union (EU) and the International Maritime Organization (IMO) sign a number of five strategic counter-piracy capacity building partnerships.
The capacity building is view like a mechanism to tackle the piracy issue, with focus on  building maritime infrastructure and law enforcement capacity and on implementation of the Djibouti Code of Conduct.
For more information please refer to the IMO’s webpage.

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WHO Released the World Health Statistics 2012

16 May 2012
World Health Organization’s (WHO) published the report World Health Statistics 2012 which includes data from 194 countries .
The document states that one in three adults worldwide has raised blood pressure and one in 10 suffers from diabetes. Also it highlight an increase in obesity (12 per cent of the world’s population are considered obese) and a rise in the numbers of deaths from heart and lung disease, diabetes and cancer.

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More Trade News in Brief – Week 21 (14-20 May 2012)

* CIS Summit 2012
 15 May 2012, Moscow
Countries of the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) reaffirm their commitment to tied their relations and to considered economic and trade cooperation a priority.
On 15th May, the delegations of the CIS’s members discussed the ratification of the agreement on a free trade zone within the Commonwealth of Independent States.
* Informal Talks on Information Technology Agreement (ITA)
15 May 2012-05-18
Under the WTO’s organization, several countries have announced their intention to start informal bilateral and plurilateral consultations on what products to add to the Information Technology Agreement (ITA).
More here.
* South Africa – CPI & PPI to be Reviewed
 16 May 2012, Pretoria
The Government announced that the methods used to calculate the Consumer Price Index (CPI) and the Producer Price Index (PPI) are to be reviewed. More here.
* EU Demands Accurate Information
 European Parliament has emitted a resolution calling for accurate information on customs duty and value-added tax (VAT) evasion in member states.
The aim argue was that the EU Anti-Fraud Office (OLAF) is unable to recover misused money from member states or even to provide accurate data related to EU funds.
* The 5th Round Negotiation between China & Switzerland on FTA
16 May 2012, Beijing
On the last round negotiations, 8-10  May en Beijing, the two parts exchanged views on issues as: goods trade tariff reductions, trade in services, rules of origin, sanitary and phytosanitary measures, technical barriers to trade, intellectual property rights, competition policies and trade dispute remedies.
* G8 Summit – “Acting Together”
This year’s G8 Summit, under the motto “Acting Together”, will take place on 18-19 May 2012 in Camp David.
More: EU & U.S. Department of State.

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